From Life to Life

I want to comfort people. When in times of stress, death, and unknown, I want to be there and hold you and pray for you. So I began to think of what to say to a person who just had their father pass away. How do you rationalize finite death when we are convinced that life seems to go on forever?

All According to Plan

There are times in my life when I truly believe God does not know what He is doing. As a result of this deceived state of mind, I slowly draw further and further away from God effectively crippling myself from keeping in accordance with His will for my life. I soon forget that this life is not a matter of trying to squeeze my goals and desires into God's will but allowing His will to permeate the very desires of my heart, ultimately making everything about His glory and His glory alone.

The Blood of Bulls and Goats

I have never been one to focus on sin too much when it comes to personal conviction. I have always had such a knack of twisting logic in my favor so that I never really felt guilt. It's not that my sin didn't have an impact on me, but it wasn't a constant experience of guilt. This, in turn, has made my Christian walk very cerebral. Logic and reason dictate my worship, not my emotions.

Sincerity of the Heart

If you are like me, you equate the length of prayer and amount of qualities of God with the size of your spiritual growth. May God forgive us for our ignorance and prideful attitudes. Thanks be to God who does not need our opinions to remain King and our lengthy orations to heal. He is Lord over all and the great healer. 

Spiritual Apathy

I can remember a time during the middle of the semester when I was sitting in the Romans Bible study I attend and I really had no desire to be there. As I listened to the conversations that were taking place about some of the most important passages in Scripture, I found myself wandering in all sorts of directions. I did not care about the content of Paul's admonitions or the truth that was being spoken right in front of me, truth that would evoke inexpressible joy in the heart of any Christ-follower being reminded of the transformational ability of the Gospel of Christ Jesus.

In Search of Wisdom

For the past four years I have written a post near the end of each year as a means of preserving events, people, and experiences that have had a significant impact on my life. I have found this little tradition to be especially beneficial to my own reflection on the closing year and also share a bit about what I have learned and what I am thankful for. Instead of doing something similar to the posts I have written in the past, I felt that I would go in a different direction and emphasize a particular theme that seemed especially significant throughout the majority of the year. 

El Shaddai

I have begun to develop an increased fascination with the Old Testament since I have been taking a class on the book of Genesis this semester. For the longest time I had convinced myself that the Old Testament was boring in comparison to the New Testament. All of my personal reading times in the Bible were spent between the books of Matthew and Revelation, all the while, Genesis to Malachi gathered more dust than the number of sons Isaac was promised in Genesis 28:14. But as the class has gone on, I have finally begun to know and commune with the God I so often neglected.

I am the Liar

We demonstrate our love for God by keeping His commandments. Obedience is that which God desires. I would not find it difficult to say that God does not even desire sacrifice, because sacrifice is simply a by-product of our obedience. He does not require our sacrifice because He is already satisfied in the sacrifice of His Son. If we observe, keep, hold onto, and put into practice God's commandments, we will become like Jesus because it is exactly what Jesus did while He walked the earth. Jesus followed God's will, submitting Himself, even to death, being obedient in all things to His Father.

With Unveiled Face || Keith Burt

My walk with Christ began in 1997 when my world forever changed. It was a year of cataclysmic revealing that the world's way just simply did not work for me. As I look back upon that tumultuous year I realize that God, my Heavenly Father, had placed me in 'timeout.' Father God had simply had enough of my shenanigans and He embarked upon some course corrections for me.