"For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God."

– Romans 8:14

What's Your Favorite Color?

Because it is one of my favorite Christmas movies, and because I'm watching it right now, I'm dedicating this post to the movie Elf, starring Will Ferrell. This post will explain in detail, how many of the themes in the movie are applicable in real life. Oh yeah this one is going to be good. To all the Elf fans, you're welcome.

Our story begins with the hero, Buddy the Elf, an outcast in his own home. Not able to perform what is expected of him, described by the head toy-making elf as "special." Now even Buddy knows that the designation "special" holds a negative connotation. Buddy is different. He's not like the rest of the elves that work and live at the North Pole. Here is where we find our first theme. Everyone experiences some sort of exclusion. Whether it be at school, work, or even within our own friend groups. People tend to exclude those that are different from themselves, even when it's not on purpose. When that exclusion occurs, we find ourselves feeling pretty down. Next thing you know, you're passing out and crushing an elf. Exclusion is always going to occur in life whether we like it or not, it's what you do after that determines your chances at finding happiness.

The next theme we're going to look at is trying to gain the acceptance from someone you love or care about. Throughout the movie, Buddy is constantly trying to earn the love and affirmation from his biological father, Walter Hobbs. He tries and tries but everything that he seems to do epically fails to impress the naughty-listed, book editor. Is there a person like that in your life? Where no matter what you seem to do, nothing ever succeeds in finding their favor. The important thing to realize is that trying to gain the affirmation from someone that won't ever give it to you, is pointless. It takes Buddy getting told that he isn't wanted by his father to finally show him that it isn't worth the effort he is putting forth. The scene of Buddy's first night with his dad envisions this conflict quite well. Right as his dad leaves, Buddy tells Walter that he loves him, and Walter replies with a simple okay. No one should have to deal with that.

The last theme I'm going to address is being comfortable with the person you are. The whole reason for Buddy's journey to New York is to find out about his past and discover who he really is. I won't spoil the movie in case anyone hasn't seen it (if that is so, shame on you) but I can say that Buddy finds out that who he is, was the same exact person he was at the beginning of his journey. No one can determine who you truly are. People can place labels on others, categorize them as who they appear to be, and make judgements on how you may look or act. But in the end, all that matters is what you think about yourself. No one can tell you who to be and what your life should reflect. It's all up to you, and in the end, you will find true happiness.

Enjoy this Christmas season with family, friends, and loved ones. But please always remember the true reason for the season. 

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