"For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God."

– Romans 8:14

Your Life has Purpose

Why is it that every person experiences some feeling of pointlessness to their life? This question has always been very close to my heart. We live in a world that so often tells us that if we aren't as successful as the next person, our life is not of the same value. If we do not attain that superior level of wealth or notoriety we are instantaneously thrown into the "Discounted Lives" section with the countless others that didn't make the mark.

Have you ever noticed the clearance items in the electronics section of a store? (Fred Meyer, Wal-Mart, Target. Take your pick) Tuesday after my bowling class (oh yeah it's a legit class) I went to the Ellensburg Fred Meyer to get some groceries for my dorm room. After getting the various essentials throughout the store, I u-scanned my stuff and paid for it. After grabbing my receipt, I noticed the electronics section right outside the checkout lines. Being of the male species, it's pretty much guaranteed that I make a quick stop in the electronics department (without the intention of purchasing anything of course) I walked through the security scanners, groceries and a gallon of milk in hand, to a place that I know oh so well.

Plasma TVs lined the back wall of the electronic department while both sides offered their share of entertainment products. Video games on the left, movies and CDs on the right. After spending a little time in each section, I found myself in the middle of the room. Right in the middle of that room I found a table marked "Clearance." I began to pick through the assorted accumulation of electronics that have gone to die on the clearance table.

Several items caught my eye as I was excavating through the piles of junk. There were outdated phone chargers, book-lights that you clip right on the book (ever heard of a kindle?) a pillow that doubles as a remote (I guess it would be easier to find if it was in pillow-form? It probably wouldn't be too good to rest your head on though...) several movies that I have never heard of and I guarantee no one has ever heard of, iPod mini cases (the 1st generation iPod mini) and a VCR player (seriously?) were just some of the items I found on that table. All items that I would never even consider purchasing despite the usual 75% markdown. What I did notice about those items though was the clearance price tag. Many of those items were double, if not triple, their current prices. At one time, the pillowmote (that's the name I just gave it) was priced at an unbelievable $29.95. Here it was, sitting on the clearance table for 20 bucks cheaper. Giving this much thought to a clearance table might seem strange but bear with me, I'm getting to my point.

All of the items on this table at one time, were meant to be used. They were made with a purpose. They were made with the hope that those items would sell and be used by whoever felt the need to purchase them.

Your life is not a pillowmote. Your life never loses purpose, no matter how bad your situation might be. Your life was meant to be used for something better than just sitting on the clearance table. It is when you're able to identify that purpose in your life that you truly are able to live and be used to do what you were made to do. No matter what anyone may tell you, your life has purpose and your life has meaning. 

The beauty of this life is that God doesn't measure your worth by how successful you are or how many friends you have. God doesn't care how much money you have made or how many cars you own. He doesn't care whether you have a 401K or a six-figure salary. God measures the worth of your life according to your heart. God doesn't ever put a markdown sticker on your life because you mess up or make a mistake. He's the only One that would always pay full-value for a damaged good, and trust me, we are all broken in our packaging. God loves you and has a purpose for your life, never forget that.

So don't be a pillowmote. Don't let yourself be put on the clearance table. Your life has just as much value and importance as anyone on this earth, and that's truth.

Not Your Narrative