"For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God."

– Romans 8:14

Not Your Narrative

It was a chilly evening in the Burg several miles from the campus we all knew well. Snow lined both sides of the road as our convoy made the trip out into the woods seeking fellowship and community. The sky was dark and  speckled with stars that had been placed one by one. The air was crisp with the bracing wind and below freezing temperatures. Our convoy rolled on deeper into the woods until we came across a cabin glowing with the warmth of a well-made fire. Our Thursday night Bible study crew stepped out from their vehicles into the bitter cold. I know I can't speak for everyone that was there, but I was ready for some truth and wisdom to smack me upside the head.

Gathered around a crackling fire were about 6 or 7 brothers in Christ ready to speak wisdom and encouragement to our group of 15 college students. It's safe to say that every word that was spoken in that circle would go to bless me and many of the brothers around me that night. Some more relevant than others, one phrase caught my attention and sparked the idea to write this entry.

"You see gentlemen, you are not writing your own narrative. You are simply but a page in the One true narrative God is writing."

I had never heard this subject spoken on with the use of that analogy. How often do we become so preoccupied with everything going on in our lives that we forget how insignificant it all really is? This life means absolutely nothing when compared to all that God has planned. It is but a vapor here today and gone tomorrow. It's so easy to get caught up in your life and all it consists of. Our jobs, classes, friends, family, plans for the future, they all stack up to measure one great distraction from what we should be focused on.

It's interesting how people think that they have the ability to decide their future and predict what their life is going to reflect. Things change. People change. Our circumstances change. Our lives change, constantly, even when it's only in the slightest detail. We are not in control of our lives and how they turn out. We try to justify our ways and actions by trying to make it seem like it's what our lives are supposed to be for, but we never really know until God chooses to reveal our path for us. Think about how grand God's plans are and imagine trying to get in the way of them. There's no way you can even dream about changing Him. He is the only part of this world that remains the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Put your faith in His divine plan.

I encourage you to really take a step back and see if you are lining up with what God is calling you towards. You might be surprised when you really start to listen.


Your Life has Purpose