"For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God."

– Romans 8:14


I was asked a very eye-opening question tonight. My Bible study leader James asked "Kasey, if you were presented with the opportunity, would you be able to share the Gospel with a complete stranger?" I instantaneously told him yes confidently, but as the word left my mouth a perplexing voice echoed in my mind forcing me to take a second to think about what I had just answered. If I was presented with the opportunity, would I be able to share the Gospel, the Good News, the account of why I have the hope I profess, to a complete stranger? Would I be afraid of how that person might react? That the situation might get awkward or uncomfortable? Would it be a different story with someone I knew quite well? Someone that I have already established a strong relationship with? These thoughts all provoked me to really examine my heart and decide whether I would be able to do it.

Well that answer came in the form of an individual callout during group tonight where I not only shared once, but twice, the condensed Gospel in a couple minutes. I fumbled my way through the fall of humanity and the introduction of sin, making sure to identify that every person on this world is a sinner. I caught myself babbling about sin for a little over 45 seconds when I felt that it was the appropriate time to tell people about the good part. That because God loved us so much, He sent His Son to this world that we may know Him and develop a personal relationship with Him. Oh and not to mention this Jesus guy came to this world to take the weight of every single sin we're ever going to commit upon His shoulders on a cross. He was killed for us. God sacrificed his Son so that we would be able to live an eternity of worship in His presence. Through the surrender of our sin and control of our lives we too can have our names written in the Book of Life because of the price Christ paid. 

Pretty deep right? You got it. The Gospel is not just some story that we Christians tell to feel good about ourselves now that we are "saved" or to convert everyone into mindless, Jesus-following, simpletons. The fact that the Gospel even exists is my salvation. Without the ransom Christ paid, I would be on my way to Hell with a full tank (Lecrae: Hallelujah). I would be getting all that I deserved in full in that Lake of Fire, eternally separated from the God that created me. I deserve death and condemnation, but because of the Gospel, Christ saved me from eternal damnation away from Him. While I was still a sinner, He loved me.

To my fellow believers, this is a callout. Always be prepared to share the hope that you profess about the Savior that died for you. This is not a time to be cowardly or weak in spirit. This is a time where you should be ready to tell someone why this world has nothing to offer but failure, disappointment, and brokenness. My God saved me, could you tell someone He saved you too?


Not Your Narrative