"For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God."

– Romans 8:14

A Strange Blessing

They will know we are Christians by our love.

What does this statement mean to you? Do you see the people generally gathered together as the over-arching term "Christian" as a group known for their love and kindness? For many, Christians are a group of narrow, ignorant, hypocritical, bigoted, and arrogant religion-pushers that think they are above all people because of their so-called "worship of God." Now while the Christian faith does have its group of extremists and misled followers, I would go as far to say that the people that see Christians as I've described above have not truly met a follower of Jesus. A follower of Jesus that is characterized by the life of Christ and all that He stood for and died for.

Christians should be the embodiment of the mission and life of Christ. A life that is not one of religious superiority, intolerance, and hateful intentions. You know a tree by its fruit, and Christians ought to bear the freshest and most delicious fruit in this world.

It makes me angry beyond belief that Christians have such a rap for being intolerant when we are the ones that often experience such great persecution in our friendships and relationships.

"Oh you're a Christian? I don't want to be associated with anyone that promotes hate and violence in the name of religion."

"Oh you're a Christian? You must hate gays and anyone that doesn't believe what you believe. You're not worth my time."

What gives Christians such a bad name? Why do people feel that if someone is a Christian, they can automatically be lumped into a group of hateful and close-minded hypocrites?

I think it's simply because they don't understand us. They don't understand our ways, our feelings, our actions. They don't understand why we don't conform to the patterns of this world. They don't understand why we are different.

Sitting in class this morning at church, a specific part of the teaching really hit home for me. My teacher stated "Christians should be a strange blessing in this world." Not really understanding what this meant, I looked to the teacher for an explanation. He then proceeded to break up the words and define this term "strange blessing."

Strange was defined as something foreign or uncommon. A lifestyle that does not mirror the common lifestyle of this world, a worldview categorized by something other than getting as much pleasure as possible. They don't understand why we don't get wasted on Saturday, go to church on Sundays,  and live a life that is contrary to the focus of this world Monday through Friday. There are always exceptions, but truly I tell to you, if you know a "believer" that is constantly living in and embracing sin, check to see if Christ has truly changed their hearts and is the Master over their lives.

The second part of the term is blessing, defined as someone that encourages, loves, respects, and is a light to a world that is so dark. Christians will ask if there is anything you need prayed for, love you as a brother or sister, take you out for coffee or lunch when life is getting the best of you. Christians are to be the people that you can turn to when you need help, when you need someone to love you as only the Savior of the world can.

My heart is broken for my people, the church, the body of Christ. We are not characterized by our love but so falsely defined by our shortcomings and mistakes. Thankfully, we are not judged by our own righteousness by our God. If that were true, we would all be worthy of eternal damnation in Hell. But that is not the case because we are saved by grace through faith in Christ. Grace my friends, is the reason my God sees me as a son.

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