"For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God."

– Romans 8:14

Day Five: I Was Made For War

Today was kind of a chill day for the group. We've had a long week serving in Cambodia and this day of rest was greatly needed. Before I talk of what we did on our day of rest, I'm going to talk of a very awesome experience the group had last night.

If you've ever been on a mission trip, you will understand that when you are gathered together as a group, some of the greatest things can take place. Last night was really the first time we were able to spend any time together as a group. We decided that we needed to do a little debriefing and just listen to each other for prayers and concerns. Due to the highly Buddhist climate, we are honestly on the battlefield for the Kingdom of God. Members of the team have had nightmares, felt strange presences, and been weakened by the spiritual attacks. But we know, that as a team we can stand and fight against the darkness that surrounds us (FT Reference). We do not have to be afraid anymore because our King is alive and our King is strong.

We were also able to pray for each member of our team and lift them up. The power of prayer really is quite astounding. In the states we sometimes think that prayer is just another aspect of our Christian lives, but here on the battlefield, prayer is the only thing that gives some of us peace. Several people have said that the group meeting last night was the best part of our trip. A team united is a team that is going to clearly identify the will of God. During this time I was also selected by the group to preach at a church in the slums near the YWAM base, an opportunity that was completely from God.

Now to flip to a completely different side of the coin. I had my first full on spiritual attack today. After last night, I really felt empowered by the Spirit and I was riding hard for the Kingdom of God. God was telling me that I am His warrior, that He was proud of the man that I have become. But Satan told me otherwise. He told me I was weak, that I was not worthy of being a warrior for my King.

This attack came in the form of getting lost In Battambang while on a scavenger hunt. My parter and I ended up getting dropped off about a mile outside of the city by the moto-dope (moped) driver. I knew that when he stopped in the middle of nowhere we were in trouble. We ended up walking for about 20 minutes from some random street in Cambodia.

My face was a blank stare but even my partner could tell that something was wrong. My face was calm but on the inside I was fighting one of the most difficult spiritual battles of my life. The great accuser was telling me that my sermon would not amount to anything, that I would not be able to speak truth to the people, that I would not have time to make my sermon worthy of my God.

I gave him a foothold. I let the devil get into my head and he did all he could to and try break me down. If it wasn't for the Spirit dwelling inside me, I probably would have failed and let myself get discouraged. But my team saw my pain and my struggle and decided we were going to pray right next to the river in downtown Battambang. Hands were laid upon me and I felt the presence of God on that sidewalk.

The power of prayer continues to completely change my Spirit. He has shown me that He continues to be faithful even when I run from Him. Even when I feel angry, or irritable, or upset, my God is still waiting for me, He is still there to comfort me.

Continue to pray for my team and the spiritual warfare that is taking place. Do not be discouraged by these stories of trial and tribulation because we know that our God has overcome all the problems of the world.

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