"For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God."

– Romans 8:14

Day Nine: What Motivates You?

Today is Wednesday and our team has about four days left in Cambodia. We are continuing to serve in the community through our work at Jeevit's house running the VBS and helping CAMA Services in planting moringa trees. Some of the team has also been working at the base chipping paint from the walls of one of the rooms to get ready for a new coat of paint.

It has been a very successful trip in all aspects of our mission. We've made relationships with many new people, helped plant seeds in the lives of children around the city, and continue to grow in our own personal walks with Christ. I think we've pretty much fulfilled all that we've expected to fulfill.

The awesome part about it though is that God has even more planned for us in our last few days of this mission. He is able to go so far above and beyond our expectations that we feel the whiplash of His strength and power. We aren't even able to comprehend all that He has planned for us and all the He is going to do through us in these last few days in Cambodia. God has the ability to just break all of our expectations and completely rock our worlds by His grace and love.

I realize now that I've pretty much repeated the same statement three times in that last paragraph, but in thinking of what has stuck out the most for me on this mission trip, God has just shown me how much I limit Him and put Him in my own little box. In my own shallow and misguided relationship with God, I tell Him what to do, I tell Him when to work, and I tell Him what He is worthy of. But on this trip God has shown me that He is going to do whatever He wills, work regardless of what I want, and is worthy of far more than I could ever give Him. My God is so big and I have learned that I can't even comprehend what He has done for me.

As our trip begins to wind down, it is my hope that the team begins to reflect on all that has taken place and hopefully I'll be able to post their answers to what God has shown them and how God has worked around them.

Please continue to pray for our energy, God's will to be done, and that hearts are opened to the truth. God is able.

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