"For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God."

– Romans 8:14

Day Six: The Passion of His People.

Trash lines the dirt road. Children, dogs and stray cats run from all directions. Little carts are dispersed throughout the alley selling food, drinks, and small trinkets. Towards the end of the alley voices are joined in worship of the One true King.

This is a church in the slums of Cambodia, where God is present and at work.

A group of three and myself were able to go to a church located in one of the slums of Battambang. I was asked to preach at the church and God really showed me that it was time to stand up, against all accusation from the enemy, for the Kingdom.

We walked with a guy named Sat (sounds like sought) who works on the YWAM base as a translator. Sat told me that he would be translating for my sermon and that he was very excited to hear me. We stopped at a small shack five minutes from the base.

I can be honest and say that I went into Sunday morning with the expectations of preaching to several rows of Cambodian believers filled with the Spirit. Once again God decided that it was time to humble Kasey for the twelfth time this trip.

We arrived at a small house where three Cambodian women were sitting in plastic chairs in a circle. Sat stepped in the shack and greeted the women in the house. He invited us to join him and the four of us stepped in.

We sat down in a circle and listened to the prayers and praises of these women. Their complete dependence on God to provide and be faithful amazed me. But why am I so amazed? Why is it that we that represent the American Christian church are not dependent on God?

It's because we are spoiled. I'd argue that many of us have ever had to depend solely on God to provide for us because it's just a different culture. In America we have what we need and there really isn't a sense of reliance on God's provision for our needs. The believers in Cambodia understand what it means to truly be in need.

I think Americans would benefit a lot from having to rely on God in their lives. It would completely change their perspective on the things they need and the things they want.

I feel changed from sitting at that church, preaching and just listening to the miracles of the believers in Cambodia. I've learned what it means to depend on God for my life and know that He has a bigger plan.

Pray for the Vacation Bible School taking place tomorrow and for everyone's energy. We have one week left on Cambodia and pray that God is glorified every minute of it.

Day Seven: I Am With You

Day Five: I Was Made For War