"For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God."

– Romans 8:14

Day Ten: God of Joy

Another day in B-Town (Battambang for all you Americans) and the team from Ellensburg, WA is doing well. We've spent just about ten days in Cambodia and for those that have been keeping up with this blog and the blog found at saltgoestocambodia.blogspot.com, thank you for your constant prayer. We know that God is able to do infinitely more than we could imagine and seeing that you all are praying for us really encourages us to seek God's will above all else an continue to press on for the Kingdom.

Today was the fourth day of our Vacation Bible School at Jievet's House and the kids are just as hyper as they were the first day. As soon as the gate is opened, I can personally attest to the dogpile of children that mob each and every one of us: one on each leg and two on each arm. But we are doing whatever it takes to bring our God glory and if that involves being attacked by children, God's will be done. But in all seriousness, it continues to be such a joy to be able to hang out with these kids and really just spend time with them, something many of them do not get.

After VBS, the team joined together this evening to go and have a little night of fun in Battambang. What, might you ask, could we possibly do for fun in the second most populated city in Cambodia?

Cambodian circus. And it was crazy.

What was meant to be a surprise/secret ended up being known by the majority of the team a couple days before we actually loaded up in our Tuk Tuk's and left for the circus on the outskirts of town. We had to take four Tuk Tuk's to get everyone there and we had quite the convoy rolling out from the YWAM base.

After traveling for about ten minutes we arrived at the circus amongst another massive group of moto-dopes, Tuk Tuk's, and tour buses. It was definitely the biggest gathering of barrung (white people) that many of us had seen in the last week and a half. But then again, our group of barrung was pretty substantial as we strolled the streets of Battambang.

We entered the tent-like structure filled with bleachers, circus gear, and excited faces. Just as a little side note, I've never been to the circus before. But I'm sure like many of my teammates, we had our own ideas of what to expect from one. I thought we'd be seeing clowns with red noses, animals dressed in sparkly outfits, acrobats, and tightrope walkers.

We would all be kind of right in our expectations, but things were a little different. There were clowns, but they didn't have any makeup and they dressed in sweatpants. There were sparkly outfits, but the ones dressed in them we like to call kah-tuei (lady-boys). The only thing we were really correct about were the tight-rope walkers and the acrobats.

The majority of the show was centered around one gentleman of the circus we named appropriately "The Boss." He was the chief entertainment for the evening including hat tricks, break dancing, and some pretty spectacular fire-play. This including fire dancing, juggling, and a flaming jump rope used for acrobatics.

After the circus we went to a restaurant called the White Rose for ice cream (something I've been craving since we landed in China) and it was another awesome time spent together as a team united. Everyone got to choose their own flavors, some being bold enough to try some Cambodian flavors that we've never heard of.

All in all I think we all had a pretty great day of fun and the enjoyment of each others company. As we have been splitting up to do different ministries each day, some of us have barely been able to spend time with our other teammates. This day provided us with a little time together as both a team and the body of Christ.

Please continue to pray for the team's energy as well as our last few days here in Battambang. Pray that we continue to be a blessing to the people that work at the YWAM base and all we encounter. God is able.

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