"For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God."

– Romans 8:14

Day Thirteen: If Not Someday, Then In His Kingdom

Sunday. Last morning in Battambang.

We all split up to attend the churches we went to last week those consisting of: a CMA church, a Foursquare church, and the church in the slums that I attended with three others. After a little bit of confusion, my group and I arrived at the church in the slums.

This was a completely new congregation compared to last week. All of the plastic chairs were filled with new faces as well as some familiar ones. I can attribute this growth to the fact that a group of people arrived last night from a three-month Discipleship Training School outreach and were sent to several churches around the community.

Pastor Bryce Toney was able to speak today on being completely satisfied by Christ alone. For his first time speaking/preaching/teaching, the guy killed it and did an awesome job. He preached on the living water, found in the Gospel of John.

The living water. Something only Christ can provide for you. You will never thirst again for the temporary and meaningless things of this world when you are filled with the living water.

For me personally, that was a really great sermon to hear. It reminded me that when we turn from God and looks for the things of this world to fill us we will never be satisfied.

But in other news, as I'm typing this we are on our way to Phnom Penh for our last night in Cambodia. We will be flying out early tomorrow morning for the United States and all prayers for safe travel would be greatly appreciated.

It has been quite a two weeks in Battambang. We have made relationships that will last lifetimes,  friendships that will continue to grow, and many fond memories. Although we had our struggles and confrontations, God's love eliminated all problems and made for a life-changing mission trip. Our team has grown so much both spiritually and emotionally and I know that we will all come back to Ellensburg or wherever we end up, changed people.

We will never forget the time we spent together, blessing and being blessed, serving the people, and most of all, planting seeds for the Kingdom of God.

Tomorrow I will have a little surprise for my teammates so make sure and tell them to look here to see my encouragement to them when they are back with you.

My God is able above all else, to shatter my expectations and show me that He is worthy of all praise. He has taught me to love and be genuine in my love. He has taught me to treat everyone as worthy of hearing about the sacrifice Christ paid for them. My God is able.

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