"For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God."

– Romans 8:14

Day Three: His Hands and Feet

Today was the day that we went out to serve some of the people of Cambodia.

Two teams were sent out today to serve different parts of the community in Battambang. One team went to serve at a Vacation Bible School and the other went to a newly purchased building to help clean.

The new building is located in a small neighborhood in Battambang. The building is being completely renovated to be used as a church facility for the Christian Missionary Alliance. About 8 of us spent the afternoon at the church cleaning, sweeping, and scrubbing to help the renovation process. We were able to transport the majority of the garbage, concrete, and lumber to their designated areas to provide walking space for the workers. Through the teamwork of Caleb Kim, Kelsey Bankston, and Bryce Toney, every cobweb was swept from the rafters and roof. Kathie and Mike Milligan were also vital in the scrubbing of the tiles in the entranceway.

The thing that I noticed most about my team as we were working in the hot sun and humidity was that no matter how tired we might have been, no one ever let their work ethic fade. It's always interesting to see on a mission trip the attitudes in correlation with how difficult the environment everyone is working in. When we're hot, uncomfortable, or tired, people begin to get very short in their responses and tension can soon rise. It becomes more and more clear that this team is one that is going to defy the typical mission trip occurrences.

While we may only be on the third day of the trip, spirits are high, people are encouraging, and unity is of the highest importance. I think I can speak for the rest of the team in saying that we have all connected with each other far beyond what most of us may have thought we would. Several of us went in not knowing a lot of the team and we had our concerns, but like I said before, the team is continually growing closer by the uniting power of Christ.

To describe the experience of the team that went to help at the Vacation Bible School, I've asked a couple of my teammates to share:

"The experience at VBS has had the most impact on me thus far. As a group we went to pick the kids up from their homes. What I saw was incredibly humbling. As we drove down the street, all I could see was garbage and filth lining the street. When we stopped the kids came running and screaming with excitement. Their homes consisted of tarps and sheets tied to fences on the street. Very few had shoes, including their parents. We brought the kids back and fed them. They were all so excited to be there, they could hardly sit still to eat. After they ate, we bathed them and gave them clean clothes to wear. They listened to Bible stories and sang songs with the brightest smiles on their faces. It was clear that the Lord's presence was filling the room. It took all my energy to not break down in tears because of the intense feelings of love and the presence of our heavenly father. The Lord tells us to teach children about his word and it was extremely rewarding to spread his light on the children of Cambodia." Rachel Stephenson

"Let me start by saying, I never thought I wanted kids. At VBS today, we picked up these kids from the slums and with the biggest smiles in their faces and they jumped onto a small pickup truck that was not made to accommodate 20+ people. I felt a genuine love deeply rooted in our faith. I was scared to be so vulnerable towards these kids, but their innocence and joy for human touch and compassion will bring any man to their knees. Picking up kids and spinning them around, I couldn't help but wonder when the last time any of these kids were loved. Singing worship songs in Khmer, I am humbled by God's presences as the children sang and danced in unison. God loves more than we can ever imagine. I can't wait to have kids of my own. God is forever giving and Cambodia is a testimony of that." Kaung Ko

Please continue to pray for the team as we split up and serve in different ministries. Please also pray for the spiritual warfare that has been occurring on the battlefield that is Cambodia. This is a land so darkened by sin and only the prevailing power and name of Christ can bring light to its people. God is able.

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