"For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God."

– Romans 8:14

Day Twelve: O My God This Spirit is Strong

Today is our last full day in Battambang. Today was focused on two different activities for the guys and the girls.

The girls spent the majority of the morning putting on a spa day for the staff at the YWAM base. This involved massages by professional masseuse, Megan Linder, hair cuts by Carrie Arnold and Gretchen Morgan, nail paintings and other...spa like activities. As you can see, I'm not really too knowledgable about all that took place at the spa day...so I'm going to talk about what the men did today.

We read the whole book of Romans, and got wrecked by how awesome our God is.

Mike Milligan, Bryan Halferty, Caleb Kim, Kaung Ko, Bryce Toney and I gathered in the upper room of Cafe Eden (beginning of Acts?) to join together as brothers in Christ to read Paul's letter to the Romans.

Just to premise, the book of Romans is one of the clearest descriptions of Christian doctrine, living, and theology. Caleb Kim calls it "the greatest book in the bible" and after reading it together, I'm beginning to be swayed to that mindset. After a very delicious breakfast and some black coffee, we were ready to dive into God's Word. But Pastor Halferty had a few ground rules to lay down.

The deal was, we were going to read through one chapter and then summarize the chapter in a word or a phrase. He also decided that there would not be any discussion about the chapters (we got to chapter three without having any discussion) until chapter eleven. All were in agreement and we opened the Word.

The pages began to turn, our words and phrases were exchanged, notes were scribbled in journals. Things seemed like they were going according to the plan, but as we delved deeper into God's Word, spirits were made stronger. Vocalization of our affirmation for the words we were reading became louder. We were being filled with the Spirit of God simply by reading His words. Next thing we know, Caleb is up from his chair doing laps around the table and pushups on the wood floor.

Think we're crazy? Well you might be correct in your own thinking. But why do you label us as crazy? Why is it that we can be so encouraged by the Word to actually stand up and pace around the room? It's because we are filled with something that this world does not understand. We are filled with purpose and true joy. We are filled with what this world continues to reject because they are too afraid to take on such a large responsibility. We are filled with the Spirit, the same Spirit that raised our Savior from the grave.

Today I ask that you don't focus so much on praying for the team but instead pray for those that see the testimonies of our team when we arrive in the states and see how changed we are. Pray that people finally begin to understand that there is something different about each and everyone of us that bears the name of Christ on our shields. Pray for open hearts and that the Spirit stirs within them. God is willing and able.

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