"For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God."

– Romans 8:14

Build Them Up

As I type out this post, we are currently two hours from our destination, Duchesne, UT. As this is the second or third time traveling down to Utah for many of us, we all have some sort of expectations established for this next week. We know that we will be putting on a VBS for the kids throughout the community, we'll be hanging out with the members of the church, and we'll be trying to spread the truth of the Gospel to such a darkened and misled place.

But the amazing thing about our God is that He is the One that completely breaks all of our expectations.

One expectation that I (and probably many of the team) had for the trip down is how difficult the drive would probably be. We're in very close quarters, uncomfortable, and tension can quickly rise between people in those situations. Any time you are placed in a situation like that, things can begin to get kind of hairy. But God decided He was going to change our expectations and provide us with a great time of encouragement.

We spent the last half of our 14-hour drive sharing encouragement and compliments for each person in the van. We actually had to pause when we stopped for lunch and a bathroom break along the way. All in all, I would say that this time of encouragement and really just giving God the glory for all the He has blessed us with was truly beneficial to our trips. In all honesty, I think this perfectly set the mood for the duration of the trip. We are brothers and sisters in the same faith and we should always strive to build each other up with edification, confirmation, and affirmation.

Encouragement has always been one of the most important things in my faith simply because of how much power it really holds. The fact that someone can be built up and experience true acceptance from some genuine words of love and care is really attractive to me.

I mean think of it this way...has someone ever congratulated you or thanked you for something? We all know how good it feels to get those words of affirmation. Now imagine those words of affirmation times ten. Where someone that you might not know that well is able to speak from their own heart, words that not only build you up but seriously...just make you feel good. The act of encouraging really is a beautiful thing that I think has been severely weakened by the American Church.

What are you doing to encourage your brothers and sisters in the faith? Are you always striving to build up those you will be spending eternity with? Or are you tearing away at the very core of Christian love? Encourage and love people, just as Christ did.

We All Need Christ

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