"For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God."

– Romans 8:14

We All Need Christ

When I began to think about my mission trip to Utah this year, I was nothing short of excited to really just drop some serious truth and wisdom on the misled and misguided. During my first trip to Duchesne, several of the leaders from my group spent seriously, hours talking with several teenagers from the local LDS church. Every topic from the differences between Christianity and Mormonism to the afterlife were addressed. All in all, we spent about four hours talking in front of the small baptist church. Tears were shed by one of the listeners, several disheartened looks were exchanged amongst themselves, and they then proceeded to leave, thanking us for having them (politely of course).

But do you know what I first thought when they left? I thought how awesome it was that they just totally got shut down and seriously rocked by the truth. I thought about how great my leaders were in being able to know how to prove their own faith as the one that is supreme and correct above all other religions. I thought about how false it made Mormonism look.

Where was my love? Where was my sympathy for the guy that was in tears at hearing words he had never heard before? Where was the brokenness of my own heart in seeing how convinced they were that what they believed was the truth?

I can tell you honestly that I had no love for these people. They were foreigners, deceitful, liars, misled, lost, blindly following any "revelation" placed in front of them. I didn't think of them as real people.

But in returning for the third time to Utah, I knew that God was going to once again wreck my expectations. And He was, is, and will continue to be faithful to do so.

Can you imagine what your family would think if you decided to step away from everything they believed? What generations of your family has believed? Imagine switching sides. When a Mormon changes from the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS) to a Christian church, family ties are cut swiftly. Like an axe going through a piece of kindling, sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters are cut from their families. It really is tragic how it happens but new believers that convert from the LDS faith are often forced to be outcast from their families.

I had never even begun to think about the real cost of the decision to follow Christ. It never has really dawned on me the true cost of discipleship (Bonhoeffer) and what it really meant to leave everything you know, love, and hold dear because of my growing up in the church. I had never had to experience that kind of persecution because when I accepted Christ as my savior, they were happy an congratulated me.

I guess the main point I am trying to convey is that people need love. All people need love. No matter what they believe, or how society may view them, people need love. We as Christians should be the ones that are ushering in a new climate of love based solely on the love that Christ shows us. What makes us any more worthy of grace than a Mormon? Are we not all sinners? Are we just as deserving of the lake of fire as anyone else?

I encourage you to really think about how you treat people and whether your love reflects that of our Savior. I only bring this up because I am so quick to approve of jokes at the expense of the LDS or nonbelievers. We all need grace and we all need Christ. End of story.

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