"For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God."

– Romans 8:14

Designed For Purpose

Mankind has a desire for purpose. After all is said and done, man longs to be used. Man longs for goals, plans, and the ability to complete. Philosophers have debated and discussed for millennia the purpose of man, the meaning of life. Have they ever come close to figuring it out? Not that I'm aware...I'm sure if they had figured it out I would have seen something about it in a textbook somewhere. But the fact that it is still a heavily discussed topic in college philosophy classes throughout the world goes to show that man has not yet figured out the reason he's here.

Or so man thinks.

I've recently started reading through The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler and he speaks extensively on God in one chapter in particular. He poses a question he asked his Christian friends when he was still searching for truth: "Why am I here? What is my purpose in life?"

Isn't that just the million dollar question? Mankind has a desire for purpose and to the average person, the answer to this question would prove very beneficial to them. Imagine a place where people know what they are supposed to be doing and actually do it.

Now imagine the Church. Does the Church (the body of Christ) display such urgency? Does the church understand that every day, people are losing their lives, headed straight for eternal damnation? From the data I've seen about Christianity throughout not only the world but the United States, I highly doubt it. We are more concerned with how comfortable the chairs that we sit on are or how many bowls of potato salad we have for the potluck.

Do you understand that people are being sent to the depths, the place of eternal separation from a God that loves them, largely in part due to our own apathy. I understand full well that everyone either chooses to reject or accept Christ in their lives, but how easy are we making it for them to find the truth in a relationship with Christ and how difficult are we making it for those that aren't followers of Christ to reject the truth of the Gospel? If the church was to follow the calls given it by Scripture, I feel that significantly more people would understand why their feet are on the ground.

Mankind was designed to give God glory. Every aspect of creation screams it loud. Every sunset. Every mountain peak. Every starlit sky. The glory of the Almighty shines through and every one is without excuse. How naive we are to think that we are an accident! I don't buy it. I don't have enough faith to believe I was an accident.

Sure, take a guy being born of a virgin, performing many miracles throughout the land, being murdered on a cross, and rising three days later. Sounds crazy. Sounds unimaginable. Sounds unreal.

But stack that up against the rapid and sudden expansion of a very dense and hot universe into the present continuously expanding universe we inhabit now. A universe which cooled to the exact specification needed to facilitate life. A universe that took all the particles floating around space and combined them just right to make earth inhabitable and Jupiter a giant death storm. A universe that if even one aspect of its makeup were changed, would make the earth uninhabitable.

Sorry folks but I don't buy it. I don't believe that I am the result of the universe deciding it was going to spread out a little.

If anything these facts and theories should point even more to a Creator. Do I believe the universe could cool to the perfect temperature and combine all the necessary particles and atoms to make one planet inhabitable? No. Do I believe a Creator could speak the world into existence? Yes. Belief in a Creator seems much more logical to me.

Once man learns that our purpose on this world is to sing along with the mountains and hills and clap our hands with the trees (Isaiah 55:12) for the glory of our Creator, man will understand why nothing can satisfy that desire for purpose. Only a relationship with Christ will provide true satisfaction.

Call me crazy, but I know my purpose. Seek truth and find yours.

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