"For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God."

– Romans 8:14

Liberty Update: Embracing The Culture

I'm nearing my second full month here at Liberty and I have quite a bit to write about as God is doing many incredible things in my life.

At Liberty, community plays a very significant role in the environment. We were not meant to do this life alone and as the body of Christ, we should all strive to maintain unity amongst the believers. Prayer groups meet every Tuesday night after our hall meeting. Each prayer group consists of roughly 4-6 people, one of those being the Prayer Leader (teacher). I can honestly say that I am a part of the best prayer group at my hall. This isn't a knock on any of the other prayer groups but this group is unlike anything I've witnessed in the other groups. My prayer leader is a guy that has had quite a life and his testimony really speaks loud to me the miracle of God's redeeming love. Each week we gather together in a dorm room to really just talk about whatever is on our minds. My prayer leader will introduce a subject for the evening and we are all able to share a little about the subject and just learn from everyone's experience. Hearing another's perspective is very important as we all are walking through different things with one goal at the end. I am also able to reach out to many of the guys in my group and develop relationships with them that I know will glorify God. I've gotten to know most of the guys in my group and I know that we are all placed there for a specific reason. As we are still fairly early in the year I can't say what that reasoning is, but I know God will continue to do many awesome things in and through us.

My classes are flying by at a speed I did not expect. I don't mean to boast when I say this, but I am very thankful school comes so naturally to me. During my first year of college last year, I began to relax because of how bored I was of all my classes. I was still able to excel in most of them (except math) because everything seemed to click when I understood what college was really about. 

I was there to learn.

While having a good time and making new friends was definitely a priority, it always took the back seat to my education. This mindset has not changed in my coming to Liberty. I'm currently taking 17 hours (one under the maximum) and the classes are all pretty easy. The classes that are beginning to humble me are my Old Testament and Greek classes. I'm not as well versed in the Old Testament so this class is really providing me with an opportunity to make a solid foundation for further study of the Bible. I really enjoy the professor as he is very passionate about the Scriptures and even drops a few corny jokes in there to liven the normally dry class period. Where do I even begin with Greek? I'm learning an entirely new language with a new alphabet, new verb forms, cases, declensions, and several other grammar terms I've never heard of. I've decided that I will be minoring in Greek during my undergrad to help with my future goals of earning a doctorate to be able to teach at a university level. I knew that this class would be my most difficult by far, and at this point, it is staying true to my assumptions. But there is something about it that just intrigues me. Today I was translating some sentences and as menial and tedious as it is, I figured out one without having to consult any of my notes and I actually felt a great sense of accomplishment. I mean seriously, I'm reading the language the Apostle Paul used to write all of his letters. Just the thought of that keeps me excited and willing to work through the difficult times because there will be many more difficult times to come.

Since I entered college last year, I've known how important making friends was. I've also learned how important making the right friends is. My personality has significantly changed since I first began to socialize (awkward sophomore year) with others consistently and I can honestly say I am filled with great joy because of who God is shaping me to be. I've been able to meet many new people through classes, my hall, and girls in my sister dorm, something I know wouldn't take place if I were still the shy and quiet kid in the back row. Several of the guys from my dorm have become very good friends including many of the guys that are on leadership. Because I know he is an avid reader of HCMS, shoutout to my RA, Hunter for being a great man of God that is willing to serve and lead the guys God has placed under his authority (and for letting me borrow his ties when I am in need of some fancying up haha) God has shown me how easy it is to connect with someone and just develop a relationship with them based solely on the desire to love God and love people. When both people are in the body of Christ, what more do we need to be able to connect? We serve the same God, we are one, unified by the blood of Christ.

I think the one aspect of spirituality God is showing me the most while I've been here is the truth that He isn't finished with me just yet. I feel that as I grow closer to Him, as I read more of His word with great hunger, as I pray with a fervor unceasing, as I talk with others boldly about what I believe and profess as truth, He shows me how much more He has planned for my life. I haven't even began to scratch the surface of what He has planned for me and that reality encourages me to continue on the path He has laid before me. God is going to do great things through His people and when we are able to recognize that, the Kingdom of God will increase.

God is doing so many awesome things in my life and I fully believe that prayer is one of the biggest factors played in that matter. So to all those who continue to lift me up in prayer, I sincerely want to thank you as God is answering your prayers I'm sure. There are a few things I ask you pray for specifically though:


I'm applying for an internship this summer at a church plant in Arizona and it would be a very good opportunity for me to be able to serve and bless this congregation. I know that I will most assuredly be blessed by them as this is usually how God works.


I ask that you pray for continued work ethic in all of my classes as we draw closer to the end of the year. Tests begin to become more difficult and homework stacks up, pray for perseverance.


There is a possibility that someone will be coming back to Washington with me over winter break as they are not able to return home this Christmas. Pray that they are able to get everything figured out and that if it is God's will, they will be able to make the trip out to the Pacific Northwest. I know that it will be a great experience for us both.

Once again I thank you for praying for me and know that I am thinking of you both in prayer and thanksgiving. We serve such a mighty God that is worthy of all glory.

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