"For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God."

– Romans 8:14

Of One Ocean

I took a walk alongside the water this morning.

It's been quite a while since I spent time at the ocean. I remember going with my family when I was younger many years ago. We'd walk up and down the shore, picking up shells and sand dollars, kicking sand with each step. It was a much simpler time. A time when I didn't have to worry about good grades, who I was going to marry, or how I was going to pay for my loans. The most I had to concern myself with was making sure I didn't tell any lies, I didn't pick on my brother or sister too much, and what time I was going to meet my friend to ride bikes. It was a much less complicated time, but less complication does not guarantee a better life.

As we mature and experience more of what life has to offer, we begin to notice how this life is made for so much more than a once implied ignorance-is-bliss existence. We find that existence to be fulfilling and satisfying, until we are introduced to something new, something captivating to the eye and heart that had once not inspired such ideas or feelings.

I spent a significant amount of time watching the waves this morning. It all seems rather vain if you ask me. As one wave crashes to the shore, bringing along shells and other tiny creatures, another ripple is following closely at its coat-tails. The first wave desires so much to continue beyond the mark it laid before in the wet sand, and yet it only reaches a few inches past it's previous point of progress. Soon thereafter the relay is run yet again with another more powerful and substantial tide, testing the sand with the tips of its watery toes.

How likened are we to the waves? How often do we feel and believe that we are but a wet spot on the sand of this world, capable of nothing but a crashing on the shore?

Apart from Christ I find this mentality. My existence is measurable only by the stain I leave on the ground as I crash upon the sand. What have I to offer a God that has it all? What has a wave to offer the Ocean?

Apart from Christ, this is the only life that is offered. This vain vitality is all these eyes have to see, all this mind has to reflect upon. It is a bleak and dismal life, filled with despair and sorrow.

In Christ I have life and life more abundant. My purpose is not found in what I can achieve or what I can receive, my purpose is found in what Christ achieved in conquering Death and offering my life as a living sacrifice so that He will receive the Glory He deserves.

My life is not my own. Your life is not your own. We will all answer to Him who controls all life and Him who through life came to fruition.

We are but waves crashing upon the shore apart from the Ocean. But notice how the tide is always brought in, and the water always recedes. How long will we try to touch the shore on our own, as if it is all we were made for?

We must always remember where life comes from and Who sustains all life. With this mindset, we cannot possibly lose sight of what our purpose is.

My God is a Flood. An all-encompassing tidal wave of Grace and Love. He was, is, and will continue to be the Ocean with which we are surrounded.

Even the smallest of waves can be a part of the largest of Oceans.

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