"For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God."

– Romans 8:14

With All Certainty

There haven't been many times in my life that I've been entirely certain about something.

My major has changed three times in the past three years. I've transferred schools, bringing me to the literal other side of the country. I've lost friends that I never thought I would lose. I've seen a loved one die before my very eye.

This world holds no certainty. We cannot be certain of our loved ones. We cannot be certain of our jobs. We cannot be certain of our futures. We cannot even be certain of our own lives, but the more life we live, the more we come to understand this reality.

People will leave our lives. It is this harsh truth that often takes us by surprise, leaving us unsure of how to act or how to respond. We are caught off guard by exits, and rarely do we truly understand why people leave. Some physically depart with their passing. Others remain a distant memory, only remembered through handwritten notes and the reminiscent thoughts of time spent together. It is this reality that leaves us walled off, closed to true fellowship and friendship, hearts calloused by broken relationships and flawed expectations. We forever live with one hand on our heart, never loosening our grip, the hope of keeping it safe from harm always on our minds.

I cannot find certainty in anything apart from Christ. When I fail to be all that I was made to be, Christ is still there. When I turn my own direction, self-centered and prideful, Christ is still there. When I choose sin and temporary pleasure that seeks to destroy me, Christ is still there. When I run away terrified and confused, Christ is still there. When I am angry at life and disappointed in my circumstances, Christ is still there. When my spirit is broken and contrite, Christ is still there.

Jesus is faithful through it all, I have found that to be true. I cannot even begin to fathom or comprehend His faithfulness to me because it is simply not possible when looking from our perspective. Because we have been so severely broken and completely altered by sin, we cannot understand why God would keep His promises to us. Why would God keep His word to us when we are so inclined to break our promises to Him?

That is one aspect of Christianity that many people have such a difficulty accepting. We do not know this characteristic of complete trust and faith. We do not know what it means to have full assurance. But that is exactly what is promised from a relationship with Christ. We are given full assurance of the promises of God because they were all fulfilled in the coming of Christ. Despite being a Christian for the majority of my life, this has always been one aspect of my religion that has been especially hard to come to terms with. I write about this subject so often because it is one of the parts of my faith that is so perplexing. It is hard enough letting someone get close to you, let alone love you. But imagine Someone who knows your every word, your every action, your every thought. And with that truth in mind, knowing who you really are behind every mask and every false persona. Is it even feasible to think that someone could love you for who that person is? In this life we dream to come close, and many do get close, but as a result of sin there will always be a disconnect, there will never be perfect union.

The only perfect union that can exist is found in a relationship with Christ. Despite our shortcomings and our failures, Christ is still faithful to love and keep us.

Aren't you tired of being let down? Aren't you tired of being disappointed by mankind, materialism, and your own self-worth? There can be no certainty in this life apart from Christ, aren't you ready to be certain?

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