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With Unveiled Face || Keith Burt

My walk with Christ began in 1997 when my world forever changed. It was a year of cataclysmic revealing that the world's way just simply did not work for me. As I look back upon that tumultuous year I realize that God, my Heavenly Father, had placed me in 'timeout.' Father God had simply had enough of my shenanigans and He embarked upon some course corrections for me.

Let Love Take You Under

In this madness, I have learned a wonderful technique of forgetting the Word. At the end of the day, after writing three papers and getting off work at 10pm, the last thing I want to do is read my Bible. It not only falls to the bottom of my to-do list, but I become violent towards it. Whenever the Holy Spirit pours over me through conviction, I get angry and annoyed at that task. Why can I not live my life to my ways? Why do I need to do this? Why do I need to do anything? Tiredness begat apathy begat anger. What was originally just reading a chapter of God’s Word has turned into me ending my nights in anger. In my time of distress, I did not want to hear from God.

The Wallow of Sin

This post is slightly different from all others. This post is personal. When writing for HCMS, I will typically try to find some pattern in my life and see the imagery in it. I use that imagery, with a connection to Scripture, and make a post out of it. It is a parallel process to my life. This website does not typically intervene into the steady steps of my daily cycle. This post does. I feel comfortable enough knowing that many of you reading are people that I can call brothers and sisters in Christ and so I bring a bit of intercessory pray to your attention.