Kasey Channita

Kasey Channita is the founder and editor of He Calls Me Son. He is earning a master's degree in Old Testament and hopes to one day teach Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations at the college level. Connect with him on Twitter @channitak

Aric Burkert

Aric Burkert is a graphic designer specialized in User Interface Design. He operates all things technological on He Calls Me Son and any graphic design needs. He is fascinated with languages, typography, and discovering new music. Connect with him on Twitter @Burkert

Tyler Hendricks

Tyler Hendricks is a college student pursuing a degree in Religious Studies with a specialization in the New Testament. He feels called by God to use that degree in a pastoral role and through writing of some sort. He loves listening to weird music, reading William Faulkner, and eating tofu. Connect with him on Twitter @is_Tired

Jeremiah Ravindranath

Jeremiah Ravindranath is a Biblical Studies student with a minor in Biblical Languages. He hopes to one day teach the Bible in the church pulpit or the university classroom. He is a die-hard Lakers fan, loves spending time with friends in conversation about theology or everyday life, and is mistaken for Tom Haverford on a regular basis. Connect with him on Twitter @jcravindranath

Hunter Pardue

Hunter Pardue teachers English in a school outside of Seoul, South Korea. He is on a constant hunt for the best cup of coffee and does not like being called a missionary. Connect with him on Twitter @hunterapardue and on his own blog.


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